Women in Engg


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If these women can do it, so can you!

‘Follow your dream, for as you dream so you shall become….’

It is said that the first female engineer in the world to graduate in engineering was Alice Perry, B.E., who graduated with first class honours in civil engineering from University College, Galway, Ireland, in 1906.
Women have contributed to the diverse fields of engineering in modern and historical times. Women are often under-represented in the fields of engineering, both in academia and in the profession of engineering.
Engineering is still a male-dominated profession, and this is probably partly due to the fact that teachers and parents were, in the past, not informed on what engineering was all about. Sexual stereotyping and not enough female role models are well documented as other reasons why girls don’t choose engineering. In addition, in one of the many recent reports concerned with the dearth of girls pursuing science, technology and engineering (STEM) subjects, the attitude of parents was also cited as an important factor in career choices. For girls, perhaps unsurprisingly, mothers were particularly influential. As well, there was no great emphasis on science subjects until recent years. One other reason for this is that, in the past, career guidance teachers and parents rarely had any dealings with engineers, so they did not know what an engineer’s work entailed. However, they would have dealings with doctors, lawyers and other professionals and so would know what their work involved. Increasingly, young women are choosing engineering as a suitable career, and are proving to be a great asset to the profession. As well, there are a vast number of options for women with the basic aptitudes and attitudes to study engineering.

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