High Profile Engineers


PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER : Engineer (Nuclear Power), Former President of the U.S., and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

REX TILLERSON : Engineer, Chairman and CEO ExxonMobil. 69th and Former United States Secretary of State during Donald Trump’s Presidency.

HERBERT HOOVER : (Deceased 1964) : Engineer, and 31st. President of the U.S.

MARY GOLDA ROSS : (Deceased 2008) : Engineer, and was the first known Native American female engineer.

JEFF BEZOS : Engineer, Founder and CEO of Amazon.com. Richest man in the World. Net Worth: 181 billion USD (2020) .

BERNARD ARNAULT :  Engineer, Chairman and CEO of LVMH. Second Richest man in the World. Net Worth106.2 billion USD (2020).

CARLOS SLIM HELU : Engineer, Business Magnate, Billionaire. Net Worth51.9 billion USD (2020).

DAVID KOCH (deceased 2019) : Engineer, American businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and chemical engineer. Worth $48 Billion (2019).

SIR TIM BERNERS-LEE : Engineer, Inventor of the World Wide Web (www). Net Worth: $60 million.

SATYA NADELLA : Engineer, CEO of Microsoft. Net Worth: $387 million (2020).

LARRY PAGE : Engineer, Billionaire, President and Co-founder of Google Inc,. Net Worth: $68.5 billion USD (2020).

MUKESH AMBANI : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman, Managing Director, Reliance Industries. Net Worth: $77.4 billion USD (2020).

AZIM PREMJI : Engineer, Net Worth: $6.6 billion USD (2020).

ERIC YUAN : Engineer, and Founder of Zoom. Net worth, $14.60 billion USD (2020).

JEFF SKOLL: Engineer, Billionaire, First President of eBay. Worth $5.1 Billion (2018).

JERRY YANG : Engineer, Billionaire, Co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo. Worth $2.7 Billion (2018).

BYJU RAVEENDRAN : Engineer, and founder of Byju’s Classes. New Worth $1.910 billion USD.

CHAMATH PALIHAPITIYA : Engineer, and founder and CEO of Social Capital. Net worth $1 billion USD (2020).

SABEER BHATIA : Engineer, Co-founder and CEO of Hotmail. Worth $200 million (2018).

STEVE WOZNIAK : Engineer, and Co-founder of Apple Computers Inc. Worth $100 million.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, KBE : Engineer, and was 108th Mayor of New York City. CEO and owner of Bloomberg L.P.  Worth $62.1 Billion (2019).

TIM COOK : Engineer, CEO  of Apple Inc,.  Worth $1.3 Billion (2018).

GINNI ROMETTY : Engineer, President & CEO of IBM, and first woman to head the company. Worth $32.7 Million (2016).

SUNDAR PICHAI : Engineer, CEO of Google Inc,. Worth $1.2 billion (2018).

MASARU IBUKA (Deceased 1997) : Engineer, Inventor, Billionaire and Co-founder of the Sony Corporation.

ANDY GROVE (Deceased 2016) : Engineer, Author, Billionaire, and Co-founder of Intel Corporation. Man of the Year (1998).

WILLIAM HEWLETT (deceased 2001) : Engineer, Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard. Inventor of the Audio Oscillator.

John von Neumann (deceased) : Engineer. Contributed to the design of the Atomic Bomb.

BOB METCALFE : Engineer, Co-inventor of Ethernet. Founded 3Com and formulated Metcalfe’s Law. Wealth $250 Million.

ERIC SCHMIDT : Engineer, Executive Chairman of Google from 2001 to 2017. Worth $13.3 Billion (2019).

YASSER ARAFAT (Deceased 2004) : Engineer, Leader of the Palestinians, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

ASTRONAUT NEIL ARMSTRONG (deceased 2012) :  Engineer, Astronaut, and First Man to Walk on the Moon in 1969.

ASTRONAUT BUZZ ALDRIN : Engineer, Astronaut, and Second Man to Walk on the Moon in 1969.

ASTRONAUT ‘PETE’ CONRAD (deceased 1999 ): Engineer, Astronaut, and Third Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT ALAN BEAN : Engineer, Astronaut, and Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL : Engineer, Astronaut, and Sixth Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT DAVID SCOTT : Engineer, Astronaut, and Seventh Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT JAMES IRWIN : Engineer, Astronaut, and Eighth Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT JOHN YOUNG : Engineer, Astronaut, and Ninth Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT CHARLES DUKE : Engineer, Astronaut, and Tenth Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT GENE CERNAN (Deceased 2017) : Engineer, Astronaut, and elevent and last Man to Walk on the Moon.

ASTRONAUT JULIE PAYETTE, ING : Engineer, Former Chief Astronaut, Canadian Space Agency. Current Governor General of Canada (2018)

ASTRONAUT CHRISTINA KOCH : Engineer, spent nearly 11 months in orbit on the longest spaceflight by a woman.

ASTRONAUT CHRIS HADFIELD : Engineer, and the first Canadian to walk in space. Served as commander of the International Space Station.

COSMONAUT VALENTINA TERESHKOVA : Engineer, Astronaut, and first woman to have flown in space.

ASTRONAUT JENNI SIDEY : Engineer, Canadian Astronaut and Lecturer.


Jean-Pierre Haigneré : Engineer, Astronaut. Former senior advisor to the European Space Agency.

ASTRONAUT MAY JEMISON : Engineer, Physician, and Astronaut.

ASTRONAUT Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper : Engineer, Astronaut.

ASTRONAUT KAREN NYBERG : Engineer, spent a total of 180 days in space.

ASTRONAUT DAN TANI : Engineer, and Astronaut .

ASTRONAUT ELLEN OCHOA : Engineer, Astronaut and Inventor. Currently Director of the Johnson Space Cente (2018).

ASTRONAUT KEN MATTINGLY : Engineer, and NASA Astronaut.

DENNIS TITO : Engineer, and First Outer Space Tourist.

COL. YURI MALENCHENKO : Engineer, Cosmonaut, First Man to get Married in Outer Space

ROWAN ATKINSON (Mr. Bean) : Engineer, and International Comedian. Worth $130 Million.

BILL NYE : Engineer, and Television Presenter. Host of  the Netflix show, ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’. Worth $6.5 Million.

BILL WAYTENA : Engineer, and inventor of the Radar Speed Detector.

SCOTT ADAMS : Engineer, and  the creator of the comic strip Dilbert. Worth $75 Million.

RUDOLF LANDGREN  – Drago from Rocky : Engineer, Actor. Star of Action Movies. Worth $15 Million (2015).

HAMID MOGHADAM : Engineer, Founder and CEO of Prologis. Worth $131.3 Million.

AMAR BOSE (Deceased) : Engineer, Founder of Bose Corp. Inventor of the Stereo Loudspeaker. Worth $1 Billion (2011).

VON BRAUN (Deceased 1997) : One of the World’s most Famous Rocket Engineers.

GUNPEI YOKOI (1941 – 1997) : Engineer. Nintendo’s design engineer. He creator Game Boy, Virtual Boy, The Ultrahand.

HENRI BECQUEREL (Deceased 1908 ) : Engineer, Nobel Laureate and first person to discover evidence of Radioactivity.

SIR CHARLES KUEN KAO (Deceased 2018) : Engineer & Physicist. The Father of Fibre Optics. Shared Nobel Prize in 2009.

MARTIN LEWIS PERL : (1927-2014) : Engineer & Physicist, 1995 Nobel Winner for discovery of the tau lepton particle.

JOHN BARDEEN (Deceased) : Engineer, Co-Inventor of the Transistor, and  Nobel Prize Winner in 1956 and 1972.

ROBERT NOYCE (Deceased 1990) : Engineer, Co-inventor of the Integrated Circuit. 13 Patents.

Harold Maiman (Deceased 2007) : Engineer, credited with the invention of the laser, Nobel Prize Winner .

HIDEKI SHIRAKAWA : Engineer, and Nobel Prize Winner for his discovery and development of Conductive Polymers .

GODFREY HOUNSFIELD : Engineer, Inventor of the CT Scan (Computed Tomography).

TONY FADELL : Engineer, and Inventor of the iPod.

JOHN LOGIE BAIRD, FRSE (Deceased 1946) : Engineer, and Inventor of Colour Television.

GEORGE DE MESTRAL (Deceased 1990) : Engineer, and Inventor of Velcro.

MARTIN COOPER : Engineer, and Inventor of the Mobile Phone.

NOLAN BUSHNELL : Engineer, and Inventor of Video Games. Founder of Atari Corp., and uWink,

KEN KUTARAGI : Engineer, and Inventor of PlayStation.

HELEN GREINER : Engineer, and Inventor of the Robot.

GODFREY HOUNSFIELD : Engineer, Inventor of the CT Scan. Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 1972.

WILSON GREATBATCH : Engineer, and Inventor of the Medical Cardiac Pacemaker.

AKHIL MADHANI : Engineer, Robotic Invention that Allows Surgeons to Operate inside Human Body through Incision.

ALOIS LANGER, PH.D : Engineer, Co-Inventor of the First Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator.

EARL BAKKEN : Engineer, Author, and Developer of the First Wearable, External, Battery-powered Pacemaker .

WILLEM KOLFF : Engineer, and Inventor of the ‘Kidney Dialysis Machine‘ and the ‘Artificial Heart‘.

THEODORE MAIMAN : Engineer, Founder of Korad Corp., Invented and Patented the First Operable Laser.

BRADFORD PARKINSON : Engineer, Co-inventor of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

IVAN GETTING : Engineer, Co-inventor of GPS. Co-winner of Draper Prize. Winner of many Awards.

PROF. CHARLES KAO : Engineer, Received Numerous Awards, Inventor of Fibre Optics .

PROFESSOR CHARLES TOWNES : Engineer, Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner. Co-Inventor of the Laser.

JEROME H. LEMELSON (Deceased 1997) : Engineer, Inventor of the Bar Code System (> 550 Patents).

PETER PETROFF (Deceased 2003) : Engineer, NASA Rocket Engineer, Engineer-Inventor, Inventor of the Digital Wristwatch (Pulsar).

CHARLES GINSBURG (Deceased 1992) : Engineer, and Inventor of the Video Tape Recorder (VTR).

NILS BOHLIN (Deceased 2002) : Engineer, Inventor of the Three-point Safety Belt. Induced into the Hall of Fame on the day he died.

ALLEN BREED : Engineer, Inventor, Founder of Waltham Engineering. Inventor of Automotive Air Bags.

JACOB RABINOW : Engineer, Inventor of Automated Scanning and Sorting Machines.

ROBERT LANGER : Engineer, Researcher, Inventor for his Work on, ‘Biomedical Applications of Polymers‘.

PHILIP EMEAGWALI : Engineer, Wrote Fastest Computer Application in the World. 3.1 Billion Calculations per Sec.

YOSHIRO ALKANETS : Engineer, World’s Greatest Inventor, 3,218 Inventions, Inventor of Floppy Disk, CD, etc.

MIKHAIL KALASHNIKOV : Engineer, Inventor of the AK-47 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, plus others.

FERENC PAVLICS : Engineer, and Inventor of the NASA Moon Rover.

PROF. LEONARD KLEINROCK : Engineer, and Inventor of the Internet Technology.

ROBERT KAHN : Engineer, Co-Inventor of TCP / IP Protocols. Coined the Information Super Highway.

DOUGLAS ENGELBART : Engineer, and Inventor of the Computer Mouse.

SIR CHRISTOPHER COCKERELL : Engineer, Invented the Hovercraft. Died on 40th Anniversary of Hovercraft Launch.

RADIA PERLMAN : Engineer, Inventor, Author, 50 Patents, Creator of the ‘Spanning Tree Algorithm’.

JACK KILBY ( deceased 2005 ) : Engineer, Co-inventor of the Integrated Circuit, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

JACK KILBY AND ROBERT NOYCE : Engineers, The ‘Story of The Integrated Circuit’. Nobel Peace Prize Winners.

ROBERT NOYCE (deceased 1990) : Engineer, Co-founder of Intel. Co-inventor of the Integrated Circuit -16 Patents.

WILLIAM HEWLETT (Deceased 2001) : Engineer, Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard. Inventor of the Audio Oscillator.

LARRY FULLERTON : Engineer, Founder of Time Domain Corp., 16 US Patents on Pulse Technology, 35 Patents.

TED HOFF : Engineer, Inventor of the Programmable Integrated Circuit, i.e., The Microprocessor.

RAY DOLBY : Engineer, and Inventor of the Dolby Sound System.

DR . ELIZABETH CANNON : Engineer, recipient of the ‘Women of Distinction Award‘ for her work on GPS

HERBERT BOYER : Engineer, Co-inventor of the ‘Cloning of Genetically Engineered Molecules‘.

GORDON MATTHEWS (Deceased 2002) : Engineer, Inventor and Patent Holder for ‘Voice Mail‘. Patent Sold to 3M.

JOHN TEXTER : Engineer, Author, Colloid and Surface Research Engineer, Inventor (42 Patents).

RAY KURZWEIL : Engineer, Author, Inventor in the area of ‘Pattern Recognition’. President of Kurzweil Technologies.

JAMES MCLURKIN : Engineer, Inventor of Robotic Ants – Wins $ 30K Prize.

GRAHAM HAWKES : Engineer, Inventor, and Developer of the 1st. Manned Underwater Vehicles.

Pierre Bézier (Deceased 1999) : Engineer, Author, and Inventor of the Bezier Curves.

RUBE GOLDBERG : Engineer, Cartoonist, Sculptor, Author, Inventor, and Pulitzer Prize Winner .

JANUSZ BRYZEK : Engineer, Inventor – 30 patents and 200 Papers- Founder of Transparent Optical, Inc.

MARC CHAMPKINS : Engineer, Winner of the British Invention of the Year 2002 for his ‘New Self-heating Crockery’.

BALA AMAVASAI : Engineer, Inventor, Researcher in the Application of Machine Vision to Real-time Control.

RODNEY BAGLEY, PH.D : Engineer, Co-Inventor of the Practical Catalytic Convertor.

IRWIN LACHMAN, PH.D : Engineer, Co-Inventor of the Practical Catalytic Convertor.

ERNEST WILKINS, JR : Engineer, Physicist, Mathematician and Inventor of Shielding for Gamma Radiation.

JOHN CHRISTIAN : Engineer, Inventor of High Temperature Lubricants as used in the ‘Moon Buggy’.

MASARU IBUKA (deceased 1997) : Engineer, Inventor, Billionaire and Co-founder of he Sony Corporation.

JIM RAISBECK : Engineer, Researcher, and Winner of the NBAA 2002 Service Award.

PAUL KLIPSCH (deceased 2002) : Engineer, Pilot, Inventor and Researcher in audio frequency/efficiency.

JOHN FITCH : Engineer, Inventor, Test Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Racing Driver, Team Manager, Automaker .

AMAR BOSE : Engineer (24 Patents). His designs can be seen in Sistine Chapel and Broadway Theatres.

LARRY PAGE : Engineer, President and Co-founder of the Internet Search and Navigation Company, Google Inc.

PHILIP EMEAGWALI : (Additional) : Engineer, 1989 Gordon Bell Prize Winner. Known as the ‘Superbrain of Africa‘.

Shuji Nakamura : Engineer, Nobel Prize 2014 winner for developing blue Led.

FRANK ROBINSON : Engineer, Inventor,  President, Chairman, Founder of Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC).

EUGENE POLLEY (deceased May 2012): Engineer, Inventor of the wireless TV remote.

…………..the list is endless !


SHINI SOMARATHNE : Engineer, and TV Presenter.

KATE BELLINGHAM : Engineer, and TV Presenter.

CAROL VORDERMAN, MBE : Engineer, and TV Presenter, ITV (UK).

NEHA HINGE : Engineer, and Miss India 2010.

KSENIYA SUKHINOVA : Engineer and Miss World 2008, and Miss Russia 2007.

YOSTIN LISSETTE PASEK PATI : Budding Engineer, and Miss Universe 2002.

CAGLA KUBAT : Engineer, Model, Actress, Windsurfer, and Miss Turkey 2002.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA : Engineer, Miss India, and Miss World 2000.

MPULE KWELAGOBE : Engineer, and Botswana’s First Miss Universe 1999 .

NINIBETH BEATRIZ LEAL JIMENEZ : Engineer, and Miss World 1991.

BOBBIE JOHNSON : Engineer, and Miss USA 1964 .

LOURDES FOSTER : Engineer, and actress and Budding Producer .

MARLENE SCHMIDT : Engineer, and Miss Universe 1961 .

AMISHA PATEL : Biogenetic Engineer, and Beauty Queen and Film Actress.

CRISTINE DE MEZERVILLE FERRETO : Engineer, and Miss Costa Rica and competitor in Miss World 2000 Pageant .

CARLOS SLIM HEL : Engineer, Business Magnate, Billionaire – Worth $70.7 Billion (2018).

JIM CLARK : Engineer, the World’s 1st., Billionaire . ‘ The Most Interesting Multi  Billionaire on the Planet ‘. Worth: $1 Billion.

DAVID FILO, PH.D : Engineer, Billionaire and Co-founder of Yahoo. Worth $1.3 Billion (2012).

TIM KOOGLE : Engineer, Billionaire, President and CEO of Yahoo. Worth $1.1 billion (2012).

PIERRE OMIDYAR : Engineer, Co-founder of eBay. No.2 Richest Person under Forty. Worth $10.2 billion (2012).

LINUS TORVALDS : ENGINEER, and Creator of the Linux Computer Operating System .

MARC ANDREESEN : Engineer, Billionaire, Founder of Mosiac and Netscape.

MUKESH AMBANI : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman, Managing Director, Reliance Industries. Worth $22.3 Billion (2012).

CHARLES DE GANAHL KOCH : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman, CEO, Koch Industries, Inc. Worth $25 Billion (2012).

DAVID HAMILTON KOCH : Engineer, Billionaire, executive vice president of Koch Industries. Worth $4.5 BILLION (2012).

AZIM HASHAM PREMJI : Engineer, Billionaire. Worth $7 Billion (2012).

CHARLES SIMONYI : Engineer, Billionaire, became the fifth space tourist and the second Hungarian in space.

RAJESH JAIN : Engineer, Billionaire, the World’s 1st., Domestic dotcom Billionaire.

SAMEER GEHLAUT : Engineer, Inorbit Securities in Delhi. Worth $1.2 billion (2011).

DANNY RAIL : Engineer, Billionaire and Owner of Dedicated Digital Technology.

AKIO MORITA (Deceased 1999) : Engineer, Inventor, Billionaire and Co-founder of the Sony Corporation.

ROBERT BEYSTER : Engineer, Billionaire, President, Chairman and CEO of SAIC.

MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY : Engineer, Billionaire and Chairman of YUKOS. Was Worth  $7.8 Billion.

RICHARD LI : Engineer, Billionaire and Son of Li Ka-shing who was known as ‘Superman’. Worth > $1.1 Billion.

VLADIMIR GOUSSINSKY : Engineer, Billionaire, Media Mogul, President of the Russian Jewish Congress.

BARRY LAM : Engineer, Billionaire, Founder and Chairman of Quanta Computers, Taiwan.

WILLIAM HEWLETT (Deceased 2001) : Engineer, Billionaire, Co-founder and Former President of Hewlett-Packard.

DAVID PACKARD (Deceased 1996) : Engineer, Billionaire, Co-founder and Chairman of Hewlett-Packard.

HONG LIANG LU : Engineer, Billionaire, and CEO and President of UTStarcom Inc .

VLADIMIR YEVTUSHENKOV : Engineer, Billionaire and Director of AFK Sistema. Worth > $10.0 Billion.

LEONID NEVZLIN : Engineer, Billionaire, and Former President of the Russian Jewish Congress. Worth > $ 1.1 Billion.

SANJIV SIDHU : Chemical Engineer, Billionaire, and Chairman and CEO of i2Technologies. Worth > $6.5 Billion.

JOHN DOERR : Engineer, Billionaire, Founder, CEO of Silicon Compilers. Director of Many Co,. Was Worth > $1 Billion.

D.V.S. RAJU : Engineer, Billionaire, and Managing Director of Visualsoft ( India ) Ltd.

NARAYANA MURTHY : Engineer, Billionaire and Co-founder of Infosys Technologies .

N.S. RAGHAVAN : Engineer, Billionaire and Co-founder of Infosys Technologies.

PROFESSOR STEPHEN BECHTEL : Engineer, Billionaire. Was Worth > $3 Billion.

RAJ SINGH : Engineer, Billionaire and Co-founder of Teligent Inc.

R.S. CHANDRASEKAR : Engineer, Billionaire, Founder and Chairman of Apexon Inc.

JOHN KLUGE : Engineer, Billionaire (Cell Phone) and President of Metromedia Co,. Worth $6 Billion – 2009.

OLEG DERIPASKA : Engineer, Billionaire and President of Russian Aluminium. Was Worth > $1.5 Billion.

ROMAN ABRAMOVICH : Engineer, Billionaire, Governor of Chukotka Region. Worth > $8.5 Billion – 2009.

WALTER SCOTT : Engineer, Billionaire, and CEO of Nebraska Kiewit. Was Worth > $1 Billion.

LESTER CROWN : Engineer, Billionaire, and President of Henry Crown Co. Was Worth > $2.8 Billion.

KEITH KRACH : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman and CEO of Ariba Inc. Was Worth > $3 Billion.

ERIC BENHAMOU : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman and CEO of 3Com Corporation .

BORIS BEREZOVSKY : Engineer, and Exiled Billionaire.

MIKHAIL FRIDMAN : Engineer, Billionaire and Founder of Alfa Group Consortium. Was Worth > $4.3 Billion.

VINOD KHOSLA : Biomedical Engineer, Billionaire and Industrialist. Was Worth > $1.0 Billion.

MICHAEL BIRCK : Engineer, Billionaire, and Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tellabs Inc. Was Worth > $2.3 Billion.

CLAY WHITEHEAD, PH.D (Deceased 2008) : Engineer, and Billionaire. A United States government official who served as Special Assistant to the President from 1968-1970.

TERRY MATTHEWS : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman and CEO of March Networks Corporation. Was Worth > $1.7 Billion.

AMAR GOSPAL BOSE : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman and Founder of Bose Corporation – Worth $1.8 Billion – 2007.

CHARLES KOCH : Engineer, Billionaire, and Director of the First National Bank. Worth > $4.0 Billion.

JOHN MALONE : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman of Liberty Media Corporation. Was Worth > $2.4 Billion.

IRWIN JACOBS, PH.D : Engineer, Billionaire, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm. Was Worth > $1 Billion.

DR .’ DESH ‘ DESHPANDE : Engineer, Billionaire, Founder of Sycamore Networks Inc. Was Worth > $3.27 Billion .

DR . CHARLES SIMONYI : Engineer, Billionaire, and Co-founder of Intentional Software Corporation . Was Worth > $1 bn.

PROFESSOR IVAN SUTHERLAND : Engineer, Billionaire, Entrepreneur, Capitalist, Author, Professor.

GORDAN MOORE : Engineer, Scientist, Billionaire, Co-founder of Intel Corporation. Worth $4.9 billion (2012).

MIKHAIL BRUDNO : Engineer, Billionaire, and Vice President of Russia’s YUKOS Oil Company. Worth $13.2 (2012).

MICHAEL SAYLOR : Engineer, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy. Worth $13.8 billion.

THOMAS SIEBEL : Engineer, Billionaire, and Founder, Chairman, CEO of Sieve Systems Inc. Worth $1.8 billion (2012).

JOHN WALECKA : Engineer, Billionaire and Co-founder of Redpoint Ventures.

STEVE WILKS : Engineer, Technologist, Billionaire and Founder and Chief Technologist of AltoWeb Inc.

DAVID DITZEL : Engineer, Billionaire, Formally CEO of Sun MicroSystems. Vice Chairman of Transmeta.

JIM BREYER : Engineer, Billionaire and Managing Partner in Accel Partners.

JACK WELCH : Engineer, Billionaire, and Retired Chairman and CEO of General Electric Company .

PROFESSOR HASSO PLATTNER : Engineer, Co-founder, CEO, and Co-chairman of SAP. AG. Worth $6.4 billion (2012).

PROF. HENRY SAMUELI : Engineer, Billionaire and Co-founder of Broadcom Corporation. Worth $1.8 billion.

FERDINAND PIECH : Engineer, Billionaire, Grandson of Ferdinand Porche of ‘Porche Car’ Fame. Worth > $8 billion (2018).

DR . ROBERT ZUBRIN : Engineer, Billionaire, Inventor, and President of the International Mars Society .

RICHARD EGAN (deceased 2009) : Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman of EMC Corporation. Former US Ambassador to Ireland.

KUMAR KRISHEN : Former Chief Engineer NASA : Engineer, Medical Physicist, Inventor.

JAMES WOOD : Engineer, Nasa’s Chief Engineer Launch Services Program (2018).

KEVIN OLMSTEAD : Engineer, Millionaire and Winner of $ 2.1 million on ABC in ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’.

JANET GUTHRIE : Engineer, Pilot, Instructor, Technical Editor, 1st., Woman to qualify for Indianapolis 500 .

NAGESH KUKUNOOR : Engineer, Best Picture Award, Director of ‘Hyderabad Blues’ and ‘Rockford’ .

MICHAEL BURTON : Engineer, Award of Excellence Winner – Sept 11th., Devastation at Ground Zero.

CLLR. TONY O’DONNELL : Engineer, Politician, Journalist, and Youngest-ever Candidate for the Irish Senate .

LYDIA THOMAS : Engineer, and Winner of the ‘2003 Black Engineer of the Year Award ‘ .

WINN ROSCH : Engineer, Journalist, Attorney, Author, Editor and Winner of Many Prestigious Awards .

EMIL ZOPFI : Engineer, Journalist, Writer, Author , and Winner of Twenty Prestigious Awards .

PAT KENNY : Engineer, and Radio and TV Presenter, RTE (IRL).

CMDR. JESSE KINGG : Engineer and Winner of the 2001 Black Engineer Award for Prof . Achievement .

NEGA MEZLEKIA : Engineer and Author and Winner of 2000 Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction .

SATISH DHAWAN (1920-2002) : Engineer, father of experimental fluid dynamics research, India.

GALE SCHLUTER : Engineer, Former Boeing Vice President-General Manager. Engineer of the Year Award 2000 .

RASHEED ARAEEN : Engineer, Artist, Writer, Inventor, and Founder Member of Black Umbrella .

JOHN SYKES : Engineer, and Winner of The ‘Engineer of the Year Award’ in the Production Solution Awards .

ADMIRAL FRANK BOWMAN : Engineer  Awarded the Medal of ‘Officier de l’Ordre National du Merite’ .

PRESIDENT HU JINTAO : Engineer and President of China.

PRESIDENT JIANG ZEMIN : Engineer and Former President of China.

PRESIDENT GHAZI YAWAR : Engineer, Tribal Chief and Former President of Iraq.

TUNG CHEE HWA : Engineer, Former Chief Executive, HKSAR People’s Republic of China.

ZHU RONGJI : ENGINEER and Fifth Premier of the People’s Republic of China .

LI PENG : Engineer and Former Premier of the Peoples’ Republic of China .

PROF. DR-ING B.J. HABIBIE : Engineer and Former President of Indonesia.

DR A. P. J. ABDUL KALAM : Engineer and Former President of India ( 2002-2007 ).

DEVE GOWDA : Engineer and Former Prime Minister of India ( 1996-1997 ).

PROFESSOR ABDUL KALAM : Engineer, Author, and Eleventh President of India. Known as the Missile Man/Technologist.

VIKTOR S. CHERNOMYRDIN : Engineer and Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation .

LEONID BREZHNEV (deceased) : Engineer and Former President of Russia.

BORIS YELSIN (deceased) : Engineer and Former President of Russia.

PRESIDENT ION ILIESCU : Engineer and Former President of Romania .

PRESIDENT ISLAM KARIMOV : Engineer and President of Uzbekistan .

BIJAN NAMDAR ZANGANEH : Engineer and Iranian Oil Minister .

PRIME MINISTER GENNADY NOVITSKY : Engineer and Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus .

PRIME MINISTER TAMAE TIMOFEEVICH : Engineer and Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic .

PRESIDENT ROLANDAS PAKSAS : Engineer, Former President of the Republic of Lithuania.

PRIME MINISTER MARIA DA LOURDES ‘PINTASILGO’ : Engineer and Former Prime Minister of Portugal .

PRIME MINISTER ANDRANIK MARGARIAN (deceased 2007)Â : Engineer and Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia .

PRIME MINISTER R. MINNIKHANOV : Engineer and Prime Minister of Tatarstan .

AMBASSADOR KASSAHUN AYELE : Engineer and Ambassador of Ethiopia to Germany .

PRESIDENT LEONID KUCHMA : Engineer and Ex-President of the Ukraine .

BAGABANDI : Engineer, Technologist, and President of Mongolia

HIS EXCELLENCY MR. ALI HUSSEIN ABU RAGHEB : Engineer and PM of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .

SHURUPOV IVAN MIKHAILOVICH : Engineer and deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Karelia .

MICHAEL JOHN POPE : Engineer and President of The Kingdom of Talossa .

VALDAS ADAMKUS : Engineer and Former President of The Republic of Lithuania .

BARBRO FELTZING : Engineer and Member of the Swedish Parliment .

HON. LORD ROOKER, MP : Engineer and United Kingdom Minister of StateÂ

SENATOR FRANK PADAVAN : Engineer and New York State Senator .

SENATOR WILLIAM IRONS : Engineer, Senator and President of The Senate , Rhode Island .

FIDEL RAMOS : Engineer and 12th. President of the Republic of the Philippines .

SENATOR LOREN LEMAN : ENGINEER and Alaska State Senator .

SENATOR JOHN GLENN : Engineer, Astronaut and Former Senator .

LORD KILCLOONEY : Engineer, Industrialist and Former Member of the British Parliment.

CLAIRE CURTIS-THOMAS : Engineer and Labour Member of the British Parliament.

HER EXCELLENCY EDITH SSEMPALA : Engineer and Ugandan Ambassador to The United States of America .

GYORGY CSOTI : Engineer and Former Hungarian Ambassador to Croatia .

KEN DOBELL : Engineer, Former Deputy Minister to the Premier, Cabinet Secretary of Government Of British Columbia .

RASUL GULIYEV : Engineer and Chairman of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party .

HIS EXCELLENCY MR . VLADIMIR VORONIN : Engineer and President of the Republic of Moldova .

DUMITRU BRAGHIS : Engineer and Former Prime Minister of Moldova .

VALERIAN CRISTEA : Engineer and Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova .

H.E. MR. NGUYEN TAM CHIEN : Engineer and Vietnam Ambassador to the United States of America .

AYAZ MUTALIBOV : Engineer, Author and Former President of the Republic of Azerbaijan .

ALEXANDER SHISHLOV : Engineer and Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation .

MILKO KOVACHEV : Engineer and Minister of Energy and Energy Resources , Republic of Bulgaria .

ANGEL MARIN : Engineer and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria .

OFOSMAN JAMA ALI : Engineer and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia .

EHUD BARAK : Engineer and Former Prime Minister of Israel ( 1999 – 2001 ) .

LIDIA SHULEVA : Engineer and Former Deputy Prime Minister , Cabinet Minister of Labour and Social Policy , Bulgaria .

DR . MIRSOBIT OCHILOV : Engineer, Economist and Ambassador of the Republici of Uzbekistan to Japan .

ALGIRDAS MYKOLAS BRAZAUSKAS: Engineer and Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania .

NORMAN STERLING : Engineer, Attorney General for Canada , and Minister Responsible for Native Affairs .

WANG JUN : Engineer, Politician of the People’s Republic of China. Governor of Shanxi.

MAYOR BUDDY DYER : Engineer, Politician and 32nd Mayor of the City of Orlando.

JAMES GEDDES : Engineer, Surveyor, New York State legislator and former U.S. Congressman.

RICHARD EGAN : Engineer, Billlionaire, Former Chairman of EMC Corporation. Former US Ambassador to Ireland.

DR . SERGEI KRUSHCHEV : Engineer, and Son of Former Prime Minister of Russia , Nikita Krushchev .

BISHOP MALCOLM MCMAHON, O.P : Engineer, and Former Catholic Bishop of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

BISHOP JOHN STEVEN SATTERTHWAITE : Engineer, Catholic Bishop, Fourth Bishop of Lismore.

REV. PATRICK COOPER : Engineer, and Catholic Priest.

CHARLES O’NEILL, MP : Engineer. Known as ‘God’s Engineer‘. Co-founder of St. Vincent de Paul. Died as a Pauper.

STEVE ALTES : Engineer, Space Rocket Engineer, Model, Actor, and Brad Pitt’s stand-in and photo-double .

SHANE CARRUTH : Engineer, Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Awards Winner of the Film, ‘Primer 2004′.

VIRAL LAKHIA : Engineer, Script-writer and Rooky Film-maker.

SUNIL HALI : Engineer, Publisher and Media Producer.

AIR COMMODORE JULIE HAMMER : Engineer, and Commandant of Australia Defence Force Academy .

RICHARD ” RICH ” WEINGARDT (Deceased) : Engineer, Engineer-Activist, Writer, Author, Founder of Richard Weingardt Consultants, Inc.

MARIO GARGANTINI : Engineer, Journalist, Physics Teacher, Researcher, Author and Writer .

HENRY PETROSKI : Engineer, Author, ‘The Poet Laureate of Technology‘, Professor of Engg and History .

KENTON MUSGRAVE, PH.D : Engineer, Author, International Lecturer and Specialist in Algorithmic Art .

PROF. JANE GRIMSON, PH.D : Engineer, Researcher, and Vice Provost of University of Dublin .

THERON BRADLEY : Engineer, former NASA’s Chief Engineer.

JEAN-JACQUES DORDAIN : Engineer and Director-General of the European Space Agency.

AL KELLY : (Deceased 2005) Engineer, Physics Theorist and Author .

KEVIN MCCABE : Engineer, Attorney, Author, Pilot, Writer and Sports Parachutist .

EDWARD BISHOP: Engineer, Attorney, Registered Patent Attorney, Shareholder in Wallenstein and Wagner Ltd.

JAYASHRI SRIKANTIAH : Engineer, and Attorney .

CHARLES RUMBAUGH : Engineer, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator, Private Judge, Mediator.

DENNIS HARMON : Engineer, Attorney and Former Prosecutor .

KAMRAN ELAHIAN : Engineer, Venture Capitalist, Principal of Global Catalyst Partners.

YOSSI VARDI : Engineer, Venture Capitalist, Israel’s Most Popular Public Speaker.

PROFESSOR EMERITUS JOHN BURLAND : Engineer, and ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa‘ fame .

RAY KURZWEIL : Engineer, Author and specialist in ‘Computer Pattern Recognition‘.

ELLIOT CHAIKOF, PH.D : Engineer, Vascular Surgeon, and Researcher in Tissue Engineering .

JAMES SHEEHAN, PH.D : Engineer, Surgeon and Founder Member of Blackrock Clinic in Dublin and Galway, Ireland.

DR . FINE : Engineer, and a Renow ned Eye Surgeon .

DR . DAVID WOLF : Engineer, NASA Astronaut and Senior Flight Surgeon in the Air National Guard .

DR . JOHN CARBONE : Engineer, and Chief Orthopaedics Surgeon at Bayview Medical Center .

WILLIAM BRODY : Engineer, University Professor, Medical Doctor, President of Johns Hopkins’s University.

LT . GEN . AMER-AL-SAADI : Engineer, and Iraq’s Chief Scientific Adviser .

DR . ISSAM AL-CHALABI : Engineer, and Former Oil Minister for Iraq .

JAMES STUKEL : Engineer, University Professor, President of the University of Illinois.

MARTIN JISCHKE : Engineer, and President of Purdue University.

JOHN DELORIAN : Engineer, Automotive Designer of ‘ DeLorian Car Fame’.

DANIEL GOLDIN : Engineer, and former Chief Administrator of NASA.

DAVID O’REILLY : Engineer, Chairman and CEO of Chevron Texaco Corporation.

HEINRICH PIERER : Engineer, President and CEO of Siemens AG , Worldwide.

CRAIG BARRETT : Engineer, and Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation.

JOHN MCGOWAN : Engineer, and former General Manager of Intel (IRL).

LOU GERSTNER (JR.) : Engineer, Chairman and Chief Executive of IBM (Worldwide).

FRANK CAPRA : Engineer, and Classic Film Director .

RINA BANERJEE : Engineer, and Internationally- known Artist .

PAUL CONWAY : Engineer, Technologist, Musician, Actor, Composer, Entrepreneur.

WARD MANN : Engineer, Artist. Internationally Renowned. Owner of the ‘Ward Mann Gallery’ .

MARK KEMPNER : Engineer, and Actor and a Groucho Marx Look-a-Like .

JAMES CROMWELL: Engineer, and Character Actor  (Nominated for an Oscar).

LEO MULLINS : Engineer, Chairman and CEO of Delta Airlines Inc.

PROF. SIR ALEC BROERS : Engineer, and Director of Vodafone.

MONTEL WILLIAMS : Engineer, and Host of the ‘Montel Williams Show’.

PHIL CONDIT : Engineer, Chairman and Chief Executive, The Boeing Corporation.

JOHN HAYHURST : Engineer, and Senior Vice President , The Boeing Company .

CARLOS GHOSN : Engineer. President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Limited (Global).

MIKE SEARS : Engineer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Boeing Company .

CHARLES HOLLIDAY : Engineer, Chairman and Chief Executive of DuPont.

SIR IAN ROBINSON : Engineer, and Chief Executive of Scottish Power.

PAUL STRASSMANN : Engineer, Professor, Author, Lecturer, Consultant to AT&T, General Electric, IBM etc.

SIR JOHN BROWNE : Engineer, and Chief Executive of BP Amoco.

SIR PETER BONFIELD : Engineer, and former Chief Executive of British Telecom.

HARRY PEARCE : Engineer, and Vice Chairman of General Motors.

GARY TOOKER : Engineer, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Motorola.

EDWARD ZANDER : Engineer, Chairman and CEO, Motorola.

CHARLES PRYOR : Engineer, President and Chief Executive, Westinghouse Electric.

JOHN WELCH : Engineer, Chairman and Chief Executive, General Electric Co.

ALAN WOOD : Engineer, and Former Chief Executive Siemens plc.

GORAN LINDAHL : Engineer, President and Chief Executive, ABB Ltd.

GIULIO MAZZALUPI : Engineer, Former President and Chief Executive, Atlas Copco AB.

LEIF JOHANSSON : Engineer, Former President of AB Volvo, Chief Executive of Volvo Group.

ALFIE KANE (Deceased) : Chartered Engineer, former Chief Executive of Eircom plc., Chairman of Eircell.

PAUL KOENDERMAN : Engineer, President of The Babcock and Wilcox Company.

‘RAFAEL’ ALFANDARY : Engineer, and Famous International Jewellery Designer .

JOSE ELIZONDO : Engineer, and International Music Composer and Orchestra Conductor .

MATTHEW GILSENAN : Engineer, and International Tenor .

MANICK SORCAR : Engineer, and International Artist and Magician.

AZIZA SA’ID : Engineer, Famous Mid  Eastern Belly Dancer, Performer, Teacher and Coach .

JOHN CHEN : Engineer, President, Former Chairman and CEO Sybase Inc.

ROBERTO GOIZUETA (deceased) : Engineer, Former Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Worldwide.

TOM ENGIBOUS : Engineer, and Former CEO Texas Instruments Inc.

KRISH PRABHU : Engineer, Former President and CEO of Tellabs.

GREG SMITH : Engineer, and Former Vice President of the Ford Company, Worldwide .

FRANZ FEHRENBACH : Engineer and Former Chairman of Robert Bosch GmbH.

DR-ING JOACHIM MILBERG : Chartered Engineer and former Chairman of BMW. AG.

PAUL MUNAFO : Engineer, Former Assistant Director for Safety and Engineering at NASA’s Marshall Space Center.

NASA STS 107 Flight Disaster – (Year 2003)

RICK HUSBAND ( Deceased ) : Engineer, and Astronaut on the ill-fated Columbia Shuttle.

ILAN RAMON (Deceased) : Engineer, and Astronaut on the ill-fated Columbia Shuttle.

KALPANA CHAWLA (Deceased) : Engineer, and Astronaut on the ill-fated Columbia Shuttle.

WILLIAM MCCOOL (Deceased) : Engineer, and Astronaut on the ill-fated Columbia Shuttle.

RON DITTEMORE : Engineer, Manager of the NASA Space Shuttle Program – Accident Investigator for STS 107.

Rejects! ………..

ODAI HUSSEIN (Assassinated) : Engineer (unconfirmed), Alleged Torturer, Son of Lawyer Sadam Hussein, President of Iraq.

OSAMA BIN LADEN : Engineer (unconfirmed), Billionaire, and Alleged International Terrorist Leader.

GULBUDDIN HEKMATYAR : Engineer, Warlord and an Alleged International Terrorist .

KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMED : Engineer, and Alleged International Terrorist .

YAHYA AYYASH ( Assassinated ) : Engineer, and Alleged International Terrorist .

ABU HAMZA : Self-claimed Engineer, Islamic Cleric and Alleged Supporter of International Terrorism .

UMAR FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB : Engineer and alleged Terrorist.

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