Session Abstract: Designing a well-architected J2EE application is not a simple task, and a poorly architected application inevitably results in poor performance and maintenance headaches. J2EE is a huge specification, and understanding it well enough to implement the right architecture requires significant time and research. In some cases, developers realize what is required to design and code the right framework, but resource constraints force them to compromise.

We will cover some of the challenges that J2EE framework creates for the server application designer, and examine various solutions for proper J2EE application architecture, such as:
# Reusability of server components
# Separation of business logic and presentation
# Sharing work between different types of developers
# Performance considerations
# Reducing the knowledge level required from developers

Bio: The director of studio development at AltoWeb, Steve Wilkes has more than 11 years of industry experience, designing and developing numerous business applications and products across a variety of platforms and environments. Prior to AltoWeb, Mr. Wilkes held senior engineering positions at IT Solutions, Cap Gemini, and NCCI. He holds a master of engineering degree from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.



Steve Wilkes

Engineer and Principal Technologist at AltoWeb Inc.