Joseph " Yossi " Vardi

Engineer, Venture Capitalist,

Principal of International Technologies Ventures

Joseph Vardi
International Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation

Dr. Joseph Vardi is the Principal of International Technologies Ventures, a private venture capital enterprise. His company is active in funding high-tech companies in the fields of Internet, software, telecommunications, electro-optics, energy, and the environment.

Dr. Vardi is also the founding investor and the former chairman of Mirabilis Ltd, the creator of the extremely popular Internet communication program ICQ, which currently has over 75 million users and was acquired by AOL.
In addition to Dr. Vardi´s active leadership of the Jerusalem Foundation´s board, he is also involved with several other major organizations.

Dr. Vardi's other high-tech projects include C.T.1 2 Ltd, an Internet unified messaging; R-U-Sure, a comparative shopping technology; and RichFX, a start-up developing a new 3D Natural User Interface for e-commerce. A number of the companies Dr. Vardi founded went public, among them Advanced Technologies, International Technologies and Granite HaCarmel.

In the past, Dr. Vardi co-founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Israel Chemicals, the Israel National Oil Company, and Negev Ceramics. He has also served on the Board of Directors of a number of Israelís leading companies, including Israel Electric Corporation, Elite, Bezek (Israelís national telecommunication company) Sonol, Haifa Chemicals and Phosphates, Maíariv (a national newspaper) and Hamashbir Hamercazi (a chain of department stores).

Also a veteran of a long civil service career, Dr. Vardi was the youngest ever Director General of the Ministry of Development, appointed at the age of 27. He also served as Director General of the Ministry of Energy of Israel, and North-American Director of the Investment Authority.

When peace negotiations with Jordan started, Dr. Vardi led the economic and regional co-operation negotiations, as a special advisor to Israelís Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance, and headed the effort to prepare the Israeli plan for regional co-operation. He also led the oil-related negotiations in the Israeli/Egyptian peace talks. He participated in the Wye Plantation peace negotiations with Syria and in the economic discussions with the Palestinians.

In addition to Dr. Vardi's active leadership of the Jerusalem Foundation's board, he is also involved with several other major organizations. He is on the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University and the Open University and is an advisor on Middle East economic affairs to the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in the US.

In the past, Dr. Vardi also served as a member of the Advisory Board of the Bank of Israel, a member of the Board of Directors of the Development Corporation for Israel and of State of Israel Bonds. Dr. Vardi has acted as an advisor to the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, and the Mexican government.

Dr Vardi has chaired a number of government appointed commissions and committees, among them the Public Commission for the Regulation of the Electricity Sector, the Public Commission on Raising Venture Capital in the Stock Exchange, the Fertilizers Development Council, and the Oil Explorations Concessions Council.

A graduate of the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, Dr. Vardi earned his D.Sc and M.Sc in Operation Research, and B.Sc in Industrial Management Engineering. The author of Electric Energy Generation: Economics, Reliability and Rates, he has also published various scientific papers on energy and operation research.

Dr. Vardi is married to Telma and has three sons, Arik , Oded and Danny.