Raj Singh, Ph.D

Engineer, Billionaire, Chairman of The Board of

Directors of LCC International and Telecom Ventures.

Also, Co-founder of Teligent Inc.

Raj Singh, PhD.
LCC International
Telcom Ventures

Dr. Rajendra Singh is Chairman of the Board of Directors at both LCC International and Telcom Ventures. He and his wife Neera co-founded LCC in 1983. Dr. Singh remained active in the Company as it's President until September 1994. Dr. Singh currently acts as Chairman of the Members Committee of Telcom Ventures, whose primary business is making investments in wireless system operators and emerging wireless technologies. Dr. Singh received his Doctorate Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University in 1980. Since receiving his degree, Dr. Singh has received a number of distinguished record of academic achievements beginning with his doctoral dissertation "Spectrum Efficient Schemes for Mobile Radio Communications" which was published in 1980. Dr. Singh organized and participated in the CTIA scientific panel which investigated time dispersion for TDMA and FDMA. As a former faculty member of both Kansas State University and City College of New York, and a member of numerous electrical engineering societies, Dr. Singh has actively contributed to the academic and professional development of the wireless telecommunications industry. In addition to being the founder of LCC, Dr. Singh is one of the co-founders and a Director on the Board of Directors of Teligent Inc., a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and also established, developed and directed APPEX Incorporated, a billing services firm that was sold to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in October 1990.