The Kingdom of Talossa is an independent, sovereign nation in North America which seceded peacefully from the United States in 1979. Talossa has sometimes been classified as an imaginary country or "micronation", but according to a statement approved in a 1993 referendum, "The Kingdom of Talossa is a community of persons having fun by doing things which are reasonably similar to what other ('real') countries do, whether for reasons of tourist nostalgia, out of a lust for power, in pursuit of parody, or -- yes -- as nationbuilding."


Name Michael Pope
Date of Birth July 4th, 1967
Current Residence Washington, DC ( USA )
Occupation Lan Engineer

In Talossa
Talossan Name
Date of Citizenship 21 May 1998
Province Maritiimi-Maxhestic
Political party PC Member
Titles Minister of Immigration, Minister of Foreign Affairs, National Archivist, Prime Minister (1999-2002),


Shortly after becoming a Talossan citizen, Michael asked for a Cosa seat from the PC party, which was duly granted. Michael was tapped by then-Prime Minister Chris Gruber to serve as his Deputy Prime Minister, a post in which he served for the entire Gruber Government. In due course, Pope applied for membership in the Progressive Conservative Party, and was welcomed with open arms. At the conclusion of Party President Wes Erni\'s term, Michael was elected to replace him. During his tenure as Party President, Michael worked closely with PM Gruber to advance PC objectives and maintain the PC\'s majority status through the next election.

When Gruber retired on 18 May, 1999, Michael was inaugurated as Prime Minister, a post which he has served in to the present day. In office, Pope has attempted to be a consensus-builder and a unifying influence, and has promoted increased publicity for the Kingdom.


Michael John POPE was born July 4th, 1967 (the Summer of Love, Baby, yeah) as the result of a bet. A Marine Corps brat, he spent his early childhood in such exotic locations as Hawaii, Northern Virginia, Arizona, and Washington state. In high school, he moved to Denmark, where he attended a British school, learned a *little* bit of Danish and enjoyed the Copenhagen nightlife. Michael\'s already prodigious interest in politics was developed even furthur during these heady years of the New Cold War. The impressionable young Michael was deeply influenced by the tumultous events at the time, where the Reagan military build-up and the European nuclear freeze movement collided.

Michael finished his senior year of high school in sunny Southern California, before moving on to the University of (sunny) Southern California where he majored in History and International Relations. An active member of the NROTC program, he was on the precision drill team for two years, and worked a part-time job at the campus microwave television station. During his time in college, Michael was ordained by the Universal Life Church, and enjoyed such diverse experiences as taking the helm of a submarine, appearing as an extra in a straight-to-video movie, and trying out skydiving.

After college, Michael worked part-time in local cable television before entering the US Marines. Michael was an able recruit in boot camp (at Parris Island, SC), where he learned to scale walls, carry heavy packs and kill people. After boot camp, he was assigned to the infantry and sent to Saudi Arabia to participate in the waning hours of Operation Desert Storm. He was then sent to Okinawa with his battalion. Shortly before leaving the Corps, Michael was sent to New York City for \"Fleet Week\", where he met his future wife, who was serving donuts at a USO party.

After leaving the Marines, Michael went to work for a firm specializing in the operation of drug treatment and AIDS prevention programs for the US and DC governments. He soon became enmeshed in an unrelated project of the company\'s owner to write, publish and market a series of books about female reproductive organs. He left that job and went to work for an environmental policy think tank, where he learned a little bit about environmentalism and a lot about database design.

Michael presently works as a LAN engineer on contract to an agency of the US government. He is a Certified Novell Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Michael has been married since 1995, and a father since 1999. He and his wife live in their townhouse in a suburb of Washington, DC, where they enjoy raising their twin toddlers, sailing, antique shopping and Star Wars. Michael\'s wife, a native New Yorker, is bemusedly tolerant of his Talossanity, although she initially dismissed the venerable micronation as a \"money-making scam.\"


Michael John Pope

Engineer and

President of The Kingdom of Talossa