R. Minnikhanov was born March'1 1957 in the village Noviy Arish of the Ribno-Slobodskiy district of Tatarstan.

R. Minnikhanov graduated the Agricultural Institute and Correspondent institute of Soviet Trade with the major - engineer. Holder of the Ph.D. in Economics.

Working experience started after graduation from the institute in 1978. First position - engineer in the Sabinsk regional enterprise "Selkhostehnika" then senior engineer, chief of the Energy Department in the local wood refinery, vice chief executive in the regional consumers society.

In 1985 - 1993 worked in the Arsk district of Tatarstan: as a head of the consumer society, head of the regional people's deputy Council board, first vice head of the regional administration.

In 1993 R. Minnikhanov was appointed the Head of the Visokogorskiy district administration.

November 1996 - July 1998: Minister of Finance.

10 July - present: Prime Minister of Tatarstan

R. Minnikhanov

Engineer and

Prime Minister of Tatarstan