Kevin McCabe

Engineer , Attorney , Author , Pilot ,

and Sport Parachutist

C. Kevin McCabe's practice has concentrated on transportation and technology matters, reflecting his strong background and extensive experience in aviation, railroads, engineering and related technical fields.

Significant cases have included the defense of air carriers and aircraft operators in mass disaster and passenger injury litigation, product liability actions for aircraft and component manufacturers, rail carrier personal injury and FELA litigation, and matters relating to construction disasters and computer software.Kevin is an aeronautical and astronautical engineer. At McDonnell Aircraft, he worked in the areas of combat and orbital flight simulation, aerodynamics, design hydraulics, and engineering contracts on the F-4, F-15, and NASA Space Shuttle programs. He later served as Chief Aerodynamicist for Vetter Company's wind energy program, where he developed and tested innovative and cost-effective components for vertical-axis wind turbines.Kevin is the President of the Illinois Railway Museum, the largest railroad museum in the nation, and is a qualified steam locomotive engineer and fireman. His volunteer work with the museum has been featured in national media as diverse as The New York Times, the History Channel, and Trains Magazine. He is also active in other rail-related organizations such as the Association of Railway Museums, and has represented the railroad museum and tourist railroad industry in rule-making proceedings before the Federal Railroad Administration.He has authored four textbooks and various magazine articles on computers, including one of the pioneering texts on the FORTH programming language, as well as a textbook on the design, operation, and history of steam locomotives. He has also written aviation- and railroad-related articles for general circulation magazines and legal periodicals.

He has been an active private pilot and aircraft owner for over three decades, and holds an instrument rating.


Kevinís practice in aviation litigation reflects his background and experience as an aeronautical and astronautical engineer, pilot, and sport parachutist.

He has defended personal injury and product liability actions on behalf of parties representing virtually every aspect of commercial and general aviation. Significant cases have included the defense of major air carriers in litigation arising from passenger injuries and mass disasters, as well as the defense of airframe and component manufacturers in product liability actions arising from civil and military transport accidents. He has defended owners, operators, and insurer in specialized aviation fields such as flight training, crop dusting, charters, air cargo, and sport parachuting.

His cases have involved a wide variety of aerospace accidents, including major air carrier disasters, midair and ground collisions, on-board fires, engine and component failures, satellite launch failures, and the largest hot air balloon disaster in U.S. history. He has also handled related matters such as patent claims, government liability, and injuries arising from exposure to radiation and other hazardous materials and conditions. He has also represented insurers in numerous aviation insurance matters, including declaratory judgments, interpleaders, subrogations, and coverage opinions.

Product Liability

Kevinís product liability practice has concentrated on aviation-related matters, aided by his background and experience as an aeronautical and astronautical engineer and pilot.

He has defended product liability actions on behalf of airframe manufacturers, major component suppliers, aircraft powerplant and instrument overhaulers, fixed base operators, and other businesses involved in military, commercial, and general aviation claims. Significant cases have included the defense of an airframe manufacturer in the crash of a military transport aircraft, the defense of manufacturers and overhaulers of such diverse aircraft components as propellers, instruments, and turbojet and piston engines, and the defense of component suppliers in toxic tort claims.


Kevinís railroad practice reflects his strong background in both railroad operations and engineering. He has held numerous administrative and operating positions (including President) for the Illinois Railway Museum, the nationís largest rail history facility, which operates an extensive collection of historic railroad equipment over its Federally-regulated demonstration railroad.

Significant railroad-related cases have included the defense of major freight and passenger rail carriers in passenger wrongful death and personal injury actions, crossing fatality actions, and a wide variety of Federal Employers' Liability Act claims. He has also defended railroad freight forwarders and railroad equipment manufacturers, and handled contract claims on behalf of private railcar owners.


University of Michigan, J.D., 1978
University of Illinois, B.S., 1975, magna cum laude