Angel Marin

Engineer and

Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria




Born in Batak on 8th January 1942
Married with two children and two grandchildren


1960 completed high school in Devin.
1960 - 1965 - Higher Military Artillery School in Shoumen, majoring in Ground Artillery;
Civilian degree in Radio Electronics Engineering.

1974 - 1978 - Military Artillery Academy in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). Graduated with distinction and a gold medal in "Command of Chief of Staff HQ and Operative-Tactical";
University degree in military education.


Started military career as Lieutenant-Engineer.

1965 - 1974 - occupied various positions in the Missile Force, including Commander of Missile Launcher Unit, Commander of Start Platoon and Commander of Start Battery.

1978 - 1980 - Commander of Separate Missile Division in Stara Zagora.

1882 - 1984 - Commander of Artillery Regiment in Stara Zagora.

1982 - 1987 - Chief of Missile Force and Artillery, Second Division in Stara Zagora

1987 - 1990 - Chief of Missile Force and Artillery, Third Army in Sliven

1990 - 1998 - Commander of Missile Force and Artillery of the Ground Force of the Bulgarian Armed Forces

1991 - promoted to Major General

1998 - dismissed from the Army due to disagreement with the manner of army reform. Retired.

November 2001 - elected Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria in presidential elections

22 January 02 - took office as Vice President


A book: The Last War