Mark Kempner

Engineer and Actor

Mark Kempner


Following a twenty year career as an industrial engineer, Mark changed direction ten years ago and became a professional actor and proprietor of TrueView Events. He has made many TV appearances, including "The Darling Buds Of May" with David Jason; episodes of "The Bill", "Noel Edmund's House Party Gotcha Oscars" and several "Crime Monthly" reconstruction's, and many more. back


Mark opens up the film A Tale of Vampires, playing the Mortician. He is also one of the workers in Young Poisononer's Handbook. He has also worked with Mark Little and Shane Ritchie on a new film in which he plays Franco, a hired Mafia killer! Countless corporate training films have seen Mark playing a range of different characters. None stranger than Shy customer, who lived in a tree, for a Mobile Phone Co! back


Mark has featured in several commercials, both in the UK and abroad, including the "stranded roofer" for "Nokia Mobile Phones". He recently appeared on your screens as the "Nutty Scientist", responsible for changing the product name from Opal Fruits to Starburst and is currently on TV as the dodgy car dealer for the Iceland Freezer shop campaign. back


Mark is also a well known Groucho Marx Look-a-like. Please take a look at our Hollywood Nights page. This work has taken him to various countries across the world, creating and compering Hollywood Cabaret Nights and presenting company awards events. He has recently compered a series of Las Vegas nights introducing a range of top acts including Bobby Davro. back


Mark has worked on the rehearsal of some well known TV game shows. These included working with Bruce Forsythe on "The Generation Game" and "Play your Cards Right". He writes all the formats for the TrueView game shows. He is also an experienced compere, humorous host and linkman for company conferences. His speciality is performing on the spot, "off the cuff" live interviews with your guests! This is a great way to relax your guest presenters as they take the spotlight. Audiences also enjoy these short bursts of comedy! It also serves as a great way to stage a seamless event. If your power-point presentation freezes up...Groucho, or Inspector Cluseo will always come to the rescue and pad things out for a few valuable minutes! "Your repartee with the presenters certainly kept our audience awake"!back