Mario Gargantini

Engineer , Journalist , Physics Teacher ,

Researcher , Author and Writer

Mario Gargantini


Born in 1947, graduated Electronic Engineer in 1970 at Milan Politechnic, he has taught Physics in high school for 20 years.

He lives in Melzo (near Milan) with his wife, a son and two daughters.

He has carried out research on science teaching and nowadayds is partner of the Seed Group (Science Education and Teaching), being speaker in many courses for teachers organized by Irrsae Lombardia, Catholic University , Diesse Association.

Since 1979 he works as a scientific journalist collaborating to many Italian newspapers and magazines. Since 1990 he works as a consultant of Bias Group and he is the Director of Bias Publishing.

He is member of the Ugis (Italian Scientific Journalists Association).

He is the author of the books:

Popes & Science (Jaca Book, 1985)

Man of Science Man of Faith (Elle Di Ci, 1991)

and co-author of some other books and scientific exhibitions (mainly for the Rimini Meeting for Friendship among Peoples).

In 1987 he won the Glaxo Award and in 1990 he won the Federchimica Award, both for science communication.