Dr . Fine

Chemical Engineer and

Renowned Eye Surgeon

Dr. Fine's Brief Biography

Dr. Fine grew up on the East Coast. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1961. He worked as a chemical engineer, conducted cancer research at Brandeis University, and received his medical and ophthalmology training at the Boston University Medical Center. He became certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology in 1972. Specializing in cataract/IOL, refractive and anterior segment surgery, he has been in private practice for more than 29 years in Eugene, Oregon.
During his years studying in Boston, Dr. Fine met his wife, Vicky, then a student at Wellesley College. They have three children.

Dr. Fine is a Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland and a co-founder of the Oregon Eye Surgery Center. He has held leadership positions within organized medicine and ophthalmology.

Dr. Fine is a world renowned eye surgeon and is listed in all editions of The Best Doctors in America and Marquis' Who's Who In Medicine And Healthcare. He has received numerous awards inclucing the Innovator's Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Maumenee Award for outstanding contributions to education in ophthalmology from the Baylor/Welsh Cataract and Refractive Surgical Congress, the Rayner Medal from the UK & Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the Brazilian Phaco Club Award.

He has contributed to the development of techniques that have revolutionized eye surgery, designing instruments and implants and innovating many surgical procedures used in modern eye surgery. He has contributed innumerable publications to refereed medical journals and the medical press, written chapters in textbooks and surgical atlases, and has lectured, taught extensively, and demonstrated live surgery thoughout the world.


Refractive surgery

Laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism
Clear lens replacement (CLR) for nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses
Intraocular contact lens (ICL) for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism *
Non-contact laser (LTK) for small amounts of farsightedness *
Astigmatic keratotomy (AK)
Mini-Radial keratotomy (RK) for very small amounts of nearsightedness
Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) for small amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism
Intracorneal ring segments (Intacs) for small amounts of nearsightedness
Cataract and intraocular lens implantation surgery
Note: Procedures followed by " * " symbol indicate that they are performed in conjunction with FDA study.


Bachelor of Science: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1961
Doctor of Medicine: Boston University School Medicine, 1966
Internship: St. Elizabeth Hospital of Boston, 1966-7
Residency: Boston University Medical Center and affiliated hospitals, 1967-70
Lancaster Course in Ophthalmology, 1970
Editorial Board Member of 10 ophthalmic journals and publications
Advisory Board for multiple ophthalmic surgical equipment manufacturers
Core Clinical Investigator for over 25 FDA-monitored studies for cataract and refractive surgery
Beaver 4mm keratome for enlarging phacoemulsification incisions for small incision lens implantation, with Becton Dickinson
Fine foldable lens insertion forceps, with Rhein Medical
ORC Flexeon Blue Ovoid intraocular lens (co-designer)
Fine millimeter marker, with Rhein Medical
Fine cautery pen, with Rhein Medical
Fine universal lens insertion forceps, with Rhein Medical
Fine IOL folding block, with Rhein Medical
Beveled cartridge for STAAR silicone IOL injector
Fine universal foldable IOL insertion forceps II, with Rhein Medical
Fine/Thornton fixation ring, with Mastel Precision Instruments
Fine swivel fixation ring, with Katena Instruments
Fine folding and tucking forceps, with Rhein Medical
Howard Fine clear cornea knife, with Huco and Company
Fine universal III forceps, with Rhein Medical
Trapezoidal 3-D diamond blade, with Rhein Medical
Fine triamond knife, with Doug Mastel, Mastel Precision Instruments
Fine clear corneal marker, Mastel Precision Instruments
Fine/Nagahara chopper, with Rhein Medical
Clear corneal incision guide, with Diamatrix
Fine/Akahoshi pre-chopper, with ASICO
Fine head-tilt capsulorrhexis forceps, with Rhein Medical
Fine paratrap knife, with Mastel Precision Instruments
Angled side port trapezoidal knife, with DSP, Inc.
Fine tonic lens marker, with ASICO
Sponge stretch and anchor scleral buckle technique
Hexagonal YAG laser posterior capsulotomy
Chip and flip phacoemulsification technique
Pupilloplasty technique for phacoemulsification in the presence of small pupils (mini sphincterotomy and stretch)
Dimple down keratome technique for entering the anterior chamber in self sealing cataract incisions
Measurement of location of external incision for self sealing cataract incisions from clear corneal vascular arcade
Infinity suture for 6-7mm scleral tunnel cataract incision closure
Oblique folding of silicone IOLs for single step in the bag IOL implantation
Separation of folding devices from implantation devices for foldable IOLs
Cortical cleaving hydrodissection (and viscodissection of residual cortex)
Crack and flip phacoemulsification technique (with William Maloney & David Dillman)
Different phacoemulsification parameters for each step in the procedure (Phaco 1, Phaco 2, Phaco 3)
Self sealing corneal tunnel incision (clear corneal incision)
Stromal hydration for enhancing seal of clear corneal incisions
Chop and flip phaco technique in high vacuum and burst mode
Choo choo chop and flip phacoemulsification technique
Technique for blunt and viscodissection to reopen fibrosed capsular bags
Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Oregon Health Sciences University
American Medical Association Expert Consultant Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technology Assessment Program

American Academy of Ophthalmology Member, Quality of Care Anterior Segment Panel

American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Executive Committee, Chief Financial Officer
Scientific Advisory Board
Government Relations Committee
National Steering Committee, Operation Focus

Oregon Academy of Ophthalmology
Past President

Oregon Medical Association
Member, Board of Trustees

Lane County Medical Society
Past Secretay

Member of Boards of Directors: multiple ophthalmic professional organizations
Served in leadership positions in local, national and international professional organizations
Named one of the 25 most influential ophthalmologists of the 20th Century by a vote of 16,000 ophthalmologists worldwide, polled by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, 1999
Recipient, 1998 Ophthalmology Times' Recognition for Achievement in Ophthalmology Award, (cataract surgery)
The Best Doctors in America, 1998-1999, 4th edition S. Naifeh & G. W. Smith, Woodward/White, South Carolina, in press, (listed under ophthalmology, anterior segment; cataract surgery)
Brazilian Phaco Club award, May 12 1998
Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Second Edition, Marquis Who's Who, New Providence, NJ, 1997
Chairman's Award, Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health Sciences University, 1996
Rayner Medal and Rayner Medal Lecture, "Small incision IOL's: Where is the technology taking us?", selected by the United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, September 14, 1996
Maumenee Award for outstanding contributions to education in ophthalmology, Baylor/Welsh Cataract and Refractive Surgical Congress, September 7, 1996
Named One of the Best Ophthalmologists in America, poll of American professors of ophthalmology and directors of residency training, conducted by Ophthalmology Times, 1996
Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, First Edition, Marquis Who's Who, New Providence, NJ, 1996
The Best Doctors in America: Pacific Region, 1996-7, S. Naifeh & G. W. Smith, Woodward/White, S. Carolina , 1996.
Member, International Intraocular Implant Club
American Academy of Ophthalmology Honor Award, 1994
Innovator's Award and Lecture: "Limitation, Logic and Language," American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, April 12, 1994
The Best Doctors in America, 1994-1995, S. Naifeh & G. W. Smith, Woodward/White, South Carolina, 1994 (listed under ophthalmology, anterior segment; cataract surgery)
The Best Doctors in America, 1992-1993, S. Naifeh & G. W. Smith, Woodward/White, S. Carolina, (first edition) 1992 (listed under ophthalmology, anterior segment; cataract surgery)
Delivered 8 named lectureships


Over 200 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and the medical press
Edited 5 books on cataract and refractive surgical techniques
Authored more than 30 chapters in textbooks and atlases of cataract and refractive surgery
Over 800 presentations nationally and internationally on cataract and refractive surgery
Demonstrated live surgical techniques in over 30 countries
Advancing the state of the art in ophthalmic surgery, travel, Harley Davidson motorcycles, enjoying time spent with his wife Vicky and their three children, Bill, Laura and Edward.