Cristine de Mezerville Ferreto

Engineer , Miss Costa Rica and

Competitor in the Miss World 2000 Pagent

Miss Costa Rica - Cristine de Mezerville Ferreto
November 28, 2000

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Events_Moderator: Welcome! For those of you just joining us, we are chatting with Miss Costa Rica, Cristine de Mezerville Ferreto. She's competing in the Miss World 2000 Pageant in London!

Events_Moderator: Okay everyone! Let's welcome Cristine to this LYCOS Live Event! Welcome Cristine! How are you this evening?

Miss_Costa_Rica: I'm very happy to be here in London; especially in the Miss World Pageant with the other 94 beautiful girls. :)

Events_Moderator: What is it like in London with all the other girls? Is it tense or is everyone getting along?

Miss_Costa_Rica: I think that we don't have stress. It's really nice relating to all the other girls. Everyone is friendly and we help each other if someone is feeling down because they miss their family or their friends. It's nice to be here.

Events_Moderator: Is this your first pageant? How did you first get into beauty pageants?

Miss_Costa_Rica: This is my 6th pageant. I started with a pageant in Costa Rica for a makeup brand. I was also in Columbia for the International Queen of Coffee, and in a pageant in Mexico, and one in Houston. I was also in the Miss Costa Rica contest.

Events_Moderator: How much do you use the Internet?

Miss_Costa_Rica: I use it a lot. I enjoy chatting with other people and checking my e-mail. I also use the Web to find things about my career or something about myself.

Events_Moderator: What has been the best experience so far in your career? Is there a moment in particular that sticks out the most?

Miss_Costa_Rica: I'm an industrial engineer and I love to work in that kind of activity. Now I work in a candy factory . . . so for me is very hard not to eat chocolates and candies, because I love it!

Events_Moderator: What are your days like in London preparing for the pageant? Have you been going out much? I hope it is not all business out there.

Miss_Costa_Rica: I'm really enjoying my stay here in London. I try not to be stressed and stay quiet and calm. I speak with myself to not feel pressured and only think of positive things. I think if you have a negative mind, your life is going to be negative. So I try to think good things and to do my best. Not all is business though, we have a lot of fun, we share with other girls and we go shopping! And yesterday we went to the House of Lords. It's an incredible place. I really like it. {laughs}

Events_Moderator: What is the hardest thing about being a contestant?

Miss_Costa_Rica: Staying the person you are. You don't have to try to appear that you are a different person. You have to be always be the person you are. Because I really like to smile, I'm always smiling. But if I were not that kind of person, it would be hard to smile. I think the best you can do is be the person that you are.

Events_Moderator: What's the most important thing you're taking home from the Miss World Pageant?

Miss_Costa_Rica: I think that I grew as a person. I learned a lot of things about myself and about life. It's really hard to be far from home, so you have to be calm. I think that the most important thing is that I grew up. And I know that I really love my family and that my family really loves me. :)

Events_Moderator: Miss Costa Rica, has anybody told you that you look very much like Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe?

Miss_Costa_Rica: Yes, once in Mexico. Before we left, someone asked if was Alicia Machado. I wanted to say yes, I'm Alicia . . . but no, I'm not Alicia. Five people told me that I look like her. People that do makeup, they told me that. :)

Events_Moderator: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Cristine! Good luck in the pageant and beyond!