Dr . Issam Al-Chalabi

Engineer and

Former Oil Minister for Iraq

Dr. Issam Al-Chalabi

former Oil Minister for Iraq

A graduate of University College London (1965) in Mechanical Engineering. After two years as a lecturer at Engineering College, he joined the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. He worked as an engineer and project manager of some of Iraq's major oil projects (Rumaila oilfield, strategic pipeline, Iraq-Turkey pipeline...etc). In 1975 he became President of State Co. for Oil Projects responsible for implementation of all Iraq's oil & gas projects. In 1981 he became Vice-President of Iraq National Oil Co. (INOC) and in 1983 he became Deputy Minister of Oil and President of INOC. During the period March 1987 to October 1990 he was Iraq's Minister of Oil. Since 1991, he has been working as a private consultant in the field of global energy with emphasis on oil & gas in the Middle East. His services were retained by a number of international oil companies as well as engineering, construction and oil trading companies.

Throughout his career, he participated in numerous conferences, seminars, and meetings in Europe, USA, JAPAN and the Middle East. Well-known petroleum media had published many of his papers and lectures. Since 1991, he has been operating from his office in Amman, Jordan where he currently resides with his family.

2003 North Texas Energy Council Board of Directors
J. Robert Ransone
Vice President (Symposium)
Martin Gibson Vice President (Operations)
Peggy Tibbetts Secretary
Jack Whiteside Treasurer
Gayle Arnold