(CNN) -- Last year, MIT's Technology Review Magazine named Sabeer Bhatia as one of the 100 individuals likely to make the greatest impact in technology in the next decade. Sabeer pioneered the field of web-based e-mail by co-founding Hotmail Corporation in 1996. Microsoft acquired Hotmail less than two years later and it remains the world's largest e-mail provider, with over 50 million registered users.

Sabeer is the founder, president and CEO of Arzoo.com, which is the Webís first talent pool of engineers and developers from around the world. Beginning this month, high-tech businesses will be able to turn to Arzoo.com for solutions to technological hurdles they encounter. Sabeer joined the chat following his appearance on Q&A.

Chat Moderator: Thank you for joining us today, Sabeer Bhatia, and welcome.

Sabeer Bhatia: Hello and it is a pleasure to be in the chat room with so many people logging on from all over the world.

Chat Moderator: Please tell us a little bit about your background.

Sabeer Bhatia: Sure. Well, I graduated from Stanford with a masters in electrical engineering and worked for Apple Computer for a year. Then I worked for another startup, Firepower Systems Inc. I then co-founded Hotmail Corporation along with Jack Smith, built the company for two years and then sold it to Microsoft at the end of 1997. I worked for Microsoft for a year until March of 1999, and then I founded Arzoo.com in the middle of 1999.

Question from Hiren: Could you tell me which is the single most precious asset you got from your motherland, INDIA?

Sabeer Bhatia: I think it was my primary education; for most of the time until I was 20 -- a phenomenal education -- my most valuable asset from India.

Chat Moderator: Please tell us a little bit about Arzoo.com.

Sabeer Bhatia: Arzoo.com's vision is to be the world's largest human network of intellectual capitol. It is our flagship product, a real-time marketplace for technology related solutions and support. We will enable engineers, developers and scientists from around the world to monitize their expertise on the one hand, and enable corporations to improve the productivity of their employees on the other.

Question from Tushar: There is this company called Satyam Infoway (Nasdaq SIFY). They recently purchased a company called Indiaworld for Rs five billion and they actually had a turnover called Rs 20 million. This is so absurd. Do you think the company did right? What are your personal opinions as I think this kind of valuation is very unhealthy?

Sabeer Bhatia: No, I don't think the company did the wrong thing. I believe Satyam Infoway was in need of content and they acquired content and a large Indian following by acquiring Indiaworld. I think that under Satyam Infoway, Indiaworld will have a far greater impact than if it were a stand-alone Web site.

Question from Candyce-CNN: Sabeer, so Arzoo is an information portal, rather than a new economy dot com?

Sabeer Bhatia: Arzoo is a "real-time" marketplace for intellectual capitol and for brokering valuable information between the suppliers and the buyers around the globe.

Chat Moderator: What are some of the current major trends on the Internet? How will this change in, say, five years?

Sabeer Bhatia: I think the two most important trends on the Internet today are advances in optical networking and the adoption of wireless and phone-based technologies amongst consumers. I believe infrastructure will continue to be a dominant trend five years from now.

Question from Tushar: Can you tell us about your experience with Bill Gates? Was he an inspiration for you, too?

Sabeer Bhatia: Bill Gates is a very smart and intense individual. I admired Bill Gates for having catapulted the software industry in the limelight of media and for having created a marketplace for software where none existed before. I believe the software industry would not have been where it is today had it not been for his vision of identifying the importance of software.

Question from Hiren: We are going through a process called "brain drain" here in India. Most software professionals want to go abroad for good. What do you think about that?

Sabeer Bhatia: I don't see it as a brain drain for India. I see it more as a mechanism for creating more opportunity for Indians within India and outside of it. From my personal experience, I think that people who leave India have a far greater impact on the Indian economy than those who remain within.

Question from Jiths: Hello Sabeer. I've just completed a B. Tech from the University of Madras in computer science. The standards in computer education are very low. India produces a large quantity of computer professionals, not quality. What do you think?

Sabeer Bhatia: I think it is a good start for India. Over time, those individuals who are passionate about what they do will be able to finesse their skills and become much more productive in computer related technologies.

Question from Shreedhan: Hey, Sabeer, if I have an idea to put on the Net, but I donít want to get involved in programming right now as I am studying, how do I sell my Idea?

Sabeer Bhatia: Well, it would be very difficult to sell ideas. It is true that all companies start with an idea. However, the real rewards are in not just having an idea but in executing it and building a company around it. I would advise you to pursue your idea if you truly believe in it.

Question from Haley-CNN: Mr. Bhatia, you were named as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of 1998. Since being named CEO of Arzoo.com, what are you getting ready to explore as your next project?

Sabeer Bhatia: I think I have described what Arzoo.com does and I am excited about really creating the world's largest network of intellectual capitol. I haven't thought about all that I will do later. However, you can be assured that I will continue to strive to come up with innovative ideas that have an impact on the world economy.

Question from When: When will Arzoo.com become an IPO?

Sabeer Bhatia: I really cannot comment on that. It depends on how quickly we reach profitability. We will be live on the Internet in the middle of July and if viewers are interested in learning more about Arzoo.com, they can sign up for a mailing list right now at http://www.Arzoo.com.

Chat Moderator: Do you have any final thoughts to share with us?

Sabeer Bhatia: I think the Internet is the single most known inflexion point in recent business history. It has enabled thousands of entrepreneurs to build successful companies in a relatively short period of time. I would encourage all viewers to benefit and profit from it.

Chat Moderator: Thank you for joining us today.

Sabeer Bhatia: I wish them all the very best of luck and, remember, the greatest risk in life is not to take one at all!




Sabeer Bhatia

Engineer, Billionaire,

Co-founder and CEO of Hotmail.

Founder, President and CEO of Arzoo.com