Dr. Bala Amavasai

Engineer, Researcher, Author, Inventor

Dr. Bala Amavasai
BEng (Sheff), PhD (Sheff), MInstP, MIEEE, AMIEE

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Microsystems and Machine Vision

Room 4319
Tel: +44 (0) 114 225 3277
Fax.: +44 (0) 114 225 3277
Email: b.p.amavasai@shu.ac.uk


I am attached to the Microsystems and Machine Vision Lab which is part of the Electronics Research Group. My current research interest is in the application of machine vision to real-time control.

8 Mar 2002 European Union awards MiCRoN project to MMVL and partners!

Until Jan 2002, I was a member of a team of researchers in a European Union ESPRIT 4 sponsored project known as MINIMAN, with the objective of pushing Europe into the forefront of microtechnology and microassembly research. Our responsibility here at Sheffield Hallam University was to develop and implement a vision control system for micro-robots. These decimetre size micro-robots have 5 degrees of freedom and is capable of moving and manipulating objects down to sizes of 20 microns by the use of tube-shaped multilayered piezoactuators. The vision system that we built is known as Mimas, and it is scheduled to be released under the LGPL fair-use license.

My expertise and interest include:

1. real-time object recognition and tracking
2. neural networks
3. statistical classification and regression
4. decision theory
5. low-level image processing
6. FPGA chip design
7. Linux

I have B.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield.

Projects and teaching

Semester 2/2002 teaching C2220, S320 and M203. Pages to be updated soon.

If you wish to be supervised for a project then send me or Dr. Fabio Caparrelli an e-mail. We also welcome applications from SOCRATES-ERASMUS students who are willing to work on medium-term projects. We may have a number of vacancies for M.Phil. or Ph.D. level research students within the next 3-6 months.


* Personal homepage here.
* The MMVL is part of the Electronics Research Group (ERG), and so I also maintain an ERG profile page here.

Recent research highlights

May 2001 Best research prize for: Amavasai, B.P., Caparrelli, F., Selvan, A.N., Salem, B. and Travis, J.R., A real-time machine vision system for micro-robotic manipulation, poster, Micro-robotics - Can Technology Outsmart Nature, Institute of Materials, UK, 16 May 2001.

Nov 2001 Inst of Measurement & Control Scientific Instrument Makers' 2001 prize for: Amavasai, B.P., Yates R.B. and Meikle, S., Vision control for a MEMs robotic system, Journal of Measurement and Control, 2000. Photograph of event

Jan 2002 Project completion European Union ESPRIT IV Project No 33915 Miniman: a micro-robot for micromanipulation tasks. More information and publication lists are available here [shu.ac.uk] and here [miniman-project.com].