Deputy Prime Minister


He was born in Hargeysa in the year 1941
Attended his Primary Education in Hargeysa
Completed his Secondary Education in Sheikh in 1961
He joined the Lenigrad Institute of Technology, and in 1968 qualified as an Electrical Engineer.
1968 – 1973 He was the Minister for transport and Chief Engineer for transmetter
1973 – 1984 He became the Minister for Fisheries and Marine Transport.
1984 – 1988 He was the Chairman baron for sience and technology of the SRSP “ the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party”.
1989 Minister for Public Works and Housing.

He defected and joined the SNM “ Somali National Movement” became a Member of the central committee, he opposed the seecesionist of Somali land and was stoned in his Hotel by women and Children who were sent by the seecesionist group.he was one of the strongest opposers of the introduction of Somali divisionby the SNM group.
1991 Moved to London in the Uk.
1994 Announced that Somalia was one state and could not be divided
2000 He was one of the Founders of the Arta peace process in Djibouti, he was among the first group of the 16 people

who tirelessly arranged , Introduced and managed the peace process that took place to build the Somali National Transitional Government [TNG] and the Somali National Transitional Asssembly [TNA].

Ofosman Jama Ali

Engineer and

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia