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Heather McCann - Head of Consumer Marketing - Eircom Ireland

SYKES Shannon Call Centre
Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated Named 2003 International Outsource Partner of the Year
SYKES receives top honor awarded by Mitial International Benchmarking Standards

"SYKES have proven themselves a reliable and high quality business partner. They have continued to demonstrate that they have the experience, capabilities, and commitment to meet our ongoing and often changing requirements. We look forward to developing our relationship with them in the future"

"SYKES in Shannon, have provided Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe with, not only first class Contact Centre CRM services, but have also made a valuable contribution to the development and implementation of our CRM strategy…..A professional, efficient and committed partner to work with, SYKES bring a whole new meaning to CRM Contact Centre management."

Kouji Kodera
Marketing Director METE


This 3,300 square metre facility was established in Shannon, Ireland in 1988. Located 1km from Shannon International Airport, the site has the capacity for over 300 agents, with the capability of providing customer support, technical support, and telemarketing programmes in English, and the other major European languages.

Our flexible and committed workforce is supported by a tenured and experienced management team. With our skilled workforce and excellent infrastructure, we are able to deliver successful solutions for many of Europe’s largest names requiring customer outsource programmes.

Within the Shannon region are several universities and third level colleges, which provide SYKES Shannon with a well-educated and highly-skilled pool of resources.

SYKES Shannon has had notable success in the delivery of "Shared Services" solutions to several clients. These solutions allow the client to "test the water" without having to make major capital investments. SYKES Shannon provides all the necessary facilities and back-office services, which allows our clients concentrate on generating their revenue stream.

The management team and staff in Shannon place a large emphasis on quality and our facility is ISO accredited, and has been since 1991.

SYKES’ experienced management team, superior quality systems and advanced technologies, make us the ideal outsourcing partner for any organisation. Local expertise, combined with SYKES' proven global expertise in customer care, provides a comprehensive, consistent, and cost effective means to expand your business – with reliability, economy, and versatility. Simply said, SYKES Shannon is the industry example of best-practice customer relationship management. Our business model delivers the epitome of successful, client-centric customer care, with full focus on our clients’ objectives and performance metrics. This, combined with the intelligence, care, and expertise sustained in our loyal employee population, enables SYKES Shannon to deliver true satisfaction to both our clients and their customers.

Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated
D1 Shannon Industrial Estate
Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland
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