by Rob Sanchez
November 12, 2004. No. 1127


NumbersUSA has confirmed that there is a push in Congress to raise the
yearly cap on H-1B and H-2B visas. This is a direct attack on all
American workers, whether they have a college degree or not.

Make no mistake about the urgency of the need to take action - these
increases could be put into the omnibus spending bill within days, even
late night tonight. Once it's put in there will be no stopping it
because of the immense pressure to raise the debt limit. President Bush
favors increasing these visas so he will sign the bill without a
second's thought.

Our only hope to stop these visa increases is to make sure that our
Senators and Representatives know that we are watching them and won't
tolerate increases in these visas. I will have other newsletters that
explain specifics of what you can do to stop this from happening, but
for now I recommend you take the following actions:

1 - Go to www.NumbersUSA.com and send a free fax to your Congressmen.

2 - Go to http://thomas.loc.gov/ to get the contact information of your
Congressmen. Call them ASAP!

Sorry about the lack of specifics. I hope to get more information soon.
For me, all of this seems like a very bad dream that won't go away.
Read this to see what I mean:

Here is a summary of what is brewing in Washington D.C.


The cheap labor cronies in Congress are trying to push through an
end-of-session increase in the H-1B visa program. As explained in
previous newsletters, a lobbying coalition called CompeteAmerica is
spearheading this effort. Specifically, there are some Congressmen that
are pushing for an increase in annual admissions of H-1B visa holders
by exempting from the annual H-1B cap foreign graduates of U.S.
institutions with masters or PhD degrees. Once they are exempted,
unlimited numbers of them can get H-1B visas.

In the fall of 2003, the annual cap on H-1B visas returned to 65,000
after having been increased to 195,000 by Congress in 2000. According
to some estimates, this proposed exemption would likely result in
30,000 to 40,000 additional H-1B visas per year. In other words, this
new exemption would amount to a 61% increase in H-1B visas over and
above the current 65,000 cap. The 65,000 cap is actually a misnomer
because thousands of H-1B visas are already exempted from the cap. The
proposed increase will add to the inflated total.

The proposed increase in the H-1B visa program will be a huge blow to
American high-tech workers. This increase is in the face of mass
layoffs of tech workers throughout the United States.

While reforms of the H-1B and L-1 visa programs are desperately needed,
exempting any categories from the cap will harm American workers. This
is especially true at this time when 14 million Americans can't find a
full-time job.


At least one Senator is attempting to increase the annual H-2B visa
limit from 66,000 to 106,000.

The 66,000 annual cap on H-2B (low-skill) nonimmigrant visas was hit
for the first time ever in early March. Almost immediately, the
restaurant, tourism/resort, construction, and other similar industries
began lobbying for an increase in the cap. These employers are using
the US Chamber of Commerce as their bully pulpit.

Many of the industries that heavily use low-skill imported workers are
lobbying Senators to support an increase in the H-2B visa category.

The proposed increase in the H-2B visa program will make it even
tougher for low paid service workers to get jobs. Hotel and restaurant
workers have seen their wages deteriorate as H-2B visa holders and
illegal aliens have taken their jobs. Increasing H-2B will not keep a
single illegal alien from taking these jobs, but it will increase the
number of foreigners who can legally take them.

Increasing H-2B is a direct attack on US college students who need
summer jobs to pay for their expenses. Ironically, the cheap labor
lobby says we need and H-1B visa increase because there aren't enough
Americans that get graduate degrees, and yet the H-2B visa will make it
all but impossible for average income families to afford to send their
kids to college.

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